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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> this year santa and his reindeers might need to battle the elements to reach bay area chimenys! rain continues to roll in and the wind is whipping last minute shoppers! all while travelers deal with their own headaches of flying in and out of san francisco's international airport! >> a creek bordering east palo alto, menlo park and palo alto is experiencing severe flooding tonight. rising waters of san francisquito creek flooded the two right lanes of highway 1-0-1. the california highway patrol says there is flooding on the roadway just north of embarcadero road.but they say the freeway remains open. however c-h-p says west bayshore road is closed between embarcadero and san antonio roads. the creek runs through both
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neighborhoods and commercial areas and has a history of flooding. emergency alerts have been sent out to residents. police and fire crews are currently moving through the area warning residents. r kron 4 news has team coverage on this storm system that's expected to deliver us a wet and chilly christmas. reggie kumar is live in oakland. while philippe dejegal is has the latest on delays and travel advisories from the san francisco international airport. but first. here's video of what the weather was like on mount tam earlier today. talk about strong gusts! you can see the wind tossing around the trees and even the camera! we join brian at the weather center. brian. time to bring out the heavy winter coats? >> the good news is that we could see some improvements in the rain is tapering off. that will allo thes floodwaters to subside. notice, not as much grain as we were seeing earlier. the-green is
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indicating mainly near the south bay, and southern san jose. to the south of downtown. the green, the yellow, as we see highway 1 0 1 and that fogging section of highway 101 your palo alto, just some mainly some flooding but it has finally slowly has dissipated. that flood warning however, still in effect until 9:detained for palo alto, east palo alto and portola valley. the creek that is causing this problem will start to slowly subside. and the northside as we go towards the napa river helena. current river levels at 16 ft. and flood stage is 16 ft.. we are just
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above flood stage is currently right now at 16.2. the highest predicted is at 17.2 at 9:00 p.m. and also napa is expected to also flawed on the napa river. these numbers are 22.3, it is also expected to -- blood. cresting at 10:00 p.m. right above flood stage but it might not expected to--flood --. >> redwood city, has reported nearly 3 in. and 5 in. neare the san mateo bridge it is finally starting to stop. we could see some residual showers to the south bay and to the east bay but partly cloudy, overnight. partly cloudy, but mostly sunny as the go for the afternoon. cooler temperatures and as we come up with more continuing
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>> oakland side of the bay bridge. that's where we find kron 4's reggie kumar. reggie. there were strong wind advisories earlier today. are the winds dying down? >> reporter: they have, enough of vicki. the chp says that the wind advisory for the bay bridge behind me has been lifted. the rain has stopped for no but the storm packed a powerful punch. the rain soaked hillsides in the berkeley hills, couldn't hold anymore water. as a result some roads turned into small streams. homeowners up here are prepared for run off, especially after a major storm. you can see and hear the water pouring off this hillside down this specially made drainage path behind this house. sand bags were strategically placed around storm drains to prevent more flooding. the heavy rain fall even caused small rock slides, like this one on tunnel road. luckily, they fell on the shoulder,
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so traffic wasn't impacted. but, marlan sullivan's move from south san francisco to the east bay was. he says at times it was dangerous unloading furniture out of this u-haul truck. >> everything is so slippery and this metal ladder i could nearly have fallen a couple of times it is just a danger. other than that, i am ok. >> reporter: is sign on i-80 west near portal drive toppled over in the high winds, its post was snapped in two. and. this is what it looked like in pinole. streets had some flooding. water was coming out of this manhole cover, on bayview farm road. a block away a small tree had fallen, and a branch almost fell on pinon avenue. >> reporter: kron 4's team coverage continues as philippe djegal gives us the latest update on delays and
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travel advisories at san francisco's international >> reporter: tough going for air travelers here at san francisco international airport. as long as conditions remain wet with poor visibility. airport officials say you can expect more flight >> it has been a nightmare. >> this is the first time i have had the worst experience. >> reporter: stranded passengers spread throughout sfo. on couches, chairs and on the floor. kids and the elderly. some texting or watching movies to pass time. >> we are expecting to see delays of 90-120 minutes. some could go as long as the 180 minutes. >> reporter: at 12-30 in the afternoon, 25 flights had been cancelled. by five o'clock, sfo spokesperson larry mares says that number had ballooned to 56 flights. 11 normally, we could take 60 flights per hour we are now cut to the amount of 30. >> reporter: david hill and his grandson steve upset their trip to costa rica has been delayed.
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>> i do not frustrate easily but i am frustrated right now. >> i just want to get my bags and get out of. and not deal with it anymore. >> reporter: but tony robinson is taking it in stride. >> i am not frustrated because i have heard that it is delays here are common. i just want to get home for christmas. >> reporter: an sfo spokesperson says he anticipates passengers will continue to see delays and cancellations through midnight. at sfo, philippe djegal, kron four news. the national weather service has also issued a flood warning for pescadero creek in san mateo county this afternoon and flash flood warnings have been issued sfor san mateo and santa cruz counties. authorities say the pescadero creek has been rising for several hours and the warning has been extended to 8:30 tonight. residents and others in the area should move to higher ground. we'll keep a close eye on those advisories and keep you updated. more than 6,000 bay area residents without power; most outages in north bay counties thousands of bay area
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residents were without power today as rain and wind pounded the region, a utility spokeswoman said. the majority of outages were reported in the north bay, where 5,300 customers were without power in marin, sonoma and napa counties as of 1:30 p.m., pg&e spokeswoman jana morris said. in the east bay, around 1,375 customers were experiencing outages, morris said. in san francisco, 88 customers were in the dark, and just 28 peninsula customers were without service. in the south bay, 50 customers were without power, morris said. crews were assessing each outage individually, and restoration times were >> it's snowing off interstate 80 at donner summit. on i-80 through the sierra, officials say chains are required on all cars except four-wheel drives from the community of gold run in placer county to the nevada the 49ers playing the seahawks today in seattle. as they attempt to clinch the n-f-c west division title. kron 4's scott rates is slive in san francisco with scott? >> despite that nasty weather the 49ers still packed behind me but it is not going so well. at the sidebar, everywhere you look
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is all about the 49ers even a christmas tree is it decked out in 49 years. >> we're all of die-hard fans. >> these fans are fired up. despite this wet weather, the pact one of the biggest games of the season. sports producer jason applebaum has the game news ahead. >> this is the biggest one of the most important games. >> they know how important it can be going into the playoffs. >> it is very important. even if we get a championship compliance, we want to get that no. 2 seed. it is difficult but what that game in seattle. >> i think the 49ers are really going to really need to get at home field if they want the super bowl. >> so far, the fans are not pleased on their performance. >> i am trying to hold on
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but it is very record right now. >> it is frustrating. >> everybody has an off night and you could get better and better. >> i am not doing that great but i think that they could pick it up and the second half. the game is not over yet we just have to challenge ourselves. >> even though the seattle seahawks continue to port it on and they are going to look forward to next week scott reiss, kron 4. >> jason applebaum will have the highlights with more sports ahead that area. alcohol.
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>> this is incredible video starring paul poured into this shopping mall parking lot. shopping mall-this video -- that was issued from a viewer. and in the santa clara, this starbucks parking lot also found several inches of water. difficult for the serious and still ahead, the protests over gun control and even if they take over the brooklyn bridge. >> still some wet weather taking its way through the shower and the bait your full forecast, coming up. for the day..
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>> and today is the third day of the state-wide c h p
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crackdown. 111 of those arrests were made here in the bay area. in 2011 the chp arrested 263 drivers statewide. 48 of which were here in the bay area. within chp's jurisdiction there were a total of fifteen fatalities. of those fifteen. eight were not wearing seat belts. here in the bay area there have been three fatalities. there were only three fatalities statewide during the same time in 2011. chp's maximum enforcement will continue through tuesday's christmas holiday. carrying candles, th >> to storms through saturday night. and another storm, tonight with another storm-that wa we what saw saturday night. this was mere quarter madera near 60 mph and--corte madera.. the stormtracker 4 showing that there are showers leaving the north bay but it is
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starting to dry up san jose, this was the mood just a few showers left. earlier, there were stronger conditions. the mount diablo near 60 mph mill valley, and gusting at the 89 mph. 30 m.p.h. and other areas near santa rosa, san jose. calm winds for tonight but it is going to need a break for tomorrow. there's already another system that will be here on christmas day. for tonight, the rainfall is wrapping up. look for patchy fog developing a through tomorrow. otherwise, mostly sunny and nice for christmas eve. christmas day, watch for increasing conditions. this is a six our path for
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this storm portion to the east. a six-hour expended. path these clouds could increase by tomorrow night. futurecast, by 6:00 a.m., there is the bay area notice we are seeing bricks of cloud coverage. dense fog with breaks--a cloud coverage. by noon, mostly sunny skies and this and next system offshore will get closer toward tomorrow evening, 6:00 p.m. watched the high clouds increasing and we will become mostly cloudy as the go towards christmas by 1:00 a.m., christmas morning that rainfall still off to the north toward 6:00 a.m., mostly cloudy and through the ukiah out and for the north bay. it will spread
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for the rest of the bay area for the evening. your kron 4 7 day around the bay monday, looking nice. temperatures are going to be topping out in the 50s. and 40's by the bay. tuesday, christmas day will be cloudy. the rainfall for the afternoon and heaviest will be showers a lingering. and a dry day on thursday. another system that is of late friday and saturday. that will bring more rainfall but at this time >> demonstrators were marching over the brooklyn bridge. several hundred people participating carrying candles, stopped marchers stopped in the middle of the iconic bridge to read the names of the children and adults killed at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. as the debate over how to prevent tragedies like what happened in newtown connecticut continues. the national rifle
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association made it clear that they will not back gun laws. for more on the story we go now to elizabeth corridan. >> reporter: the sunday morning talk shows hosted heated debates over gun control. >> "the fact that something is misused, whether it's a baseball bat or the mass killing in a chinese school with an axe and a knife, doesn't mean that you ban baseball bats, axes and knives or guns." >> "but it's obviously also true that the easy availability of guns including military style assault weapons is a contributing factor, and you can't keep that off the table." >> reporter: politicians and activists went toe-to-toe on solutions that could prevent a tragedy like the shooting at sandy hook elementary. the n-r-a c-e-o is not budging from the stance he took on friday, arguing for armed guards in schools. >> "if it's crazy to call for putting police and armed security in our schools to protect our children, then call me crazy." >> reporter: asa hutchinson is the former under secretary for border and
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transportation security, and is working with the n-r-a on this measure. he compares it to air marshals on planes. calling the armed security a "deterrent", an effective way to protect people without the visible presence of weapons. >> "schools are a sensitive environment as well, but you can provide safety and security with armed, trained personnel without putting fear in anyone." >> reporter: new york senator charles schumer says gun violence is down: >> "but we have to keep working on this. and there are lots of different solutions. the pro-gun people who say don't include guns are wrong and the pro gun safety people like myself who say don't look at other solutions is wrong." >> reporter: i'm elizabeth corridan reporting. >> coming up this stolen christmas tree please delete random act of kindness. this christmas tree-provides a random act of kindness.
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>> the bay area's favorite way to ring in the new year. is always with kron 4. the biggest parties and spectacular fireworks. will all be on kron 4's new year's live show. it is hosted by catherine heenan and gary radnich. kron 4's - new year's live. starts at 11-30 on new years eve.
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> you're right it's "people behaving badly" real bad >> this is all that's left of a tree that was planted 5 years ago just broken bulbs and lights, oh and a small hole in the ground what use to be here in the
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front yard was a 7 foot tall norfolk pine tree no make that three trees one died of natural causes, another was cut down by vandals >> this is wants left of the trunk from last year >> yes it was cut down with a saw .and now this year >> they folded it over repeatedly until it snapped off >> tree number three which was decorated for the holidays was stolen, dragged over this fence and stuffed in a getaway car "allegedly" the tree wasn't just any tree .it was a it was planted in memory of their grandson who died of cancer when he was 19 now to the average person this would probably take the air of christmas sorta like this deflated santa clause >> the fact that they just came in my yard and took it theres no there nothing right about that at all even the neighbors are outraged >> a christmas tree i think that terrible like he
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said he could have knocked on the door and he would have bought them a tree in fact he has done just that >> how many trees have you bought in the past for other people i don't know maybe a dozen! >> it was uncalled for now i bet you are thinking that she is crying about the stolen tree .she is not, she is moved by a random act of kindness this is 40 dollars that was left in their door in a plain white envelope by a total stranger. >> and there is no name and there is nothing on there and who ever did it did not knock. which would be a great way to starts a new tree fund but they have different plans. we'll donate it to cancer, at childrens hospital in oakland. they also asked that instead of giving them money please donate it to childrens hospital in oakland. and to the person who stole the tree. >> enjoy the tree, merry christmas. in vallejo, stanley roberts if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at m
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a top navy still commander found dead in afghanistan the latest on the investigation and will continue t track the storm. and we will take you back from three decades ago of flooding in marin county, the damage. . music's, ready ! share the harmony... she'll be here soon ! she'll love this ! share a sweeter welcome... hey, hola, cómo estás ?
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>> soaked and sopping wet getting a steady dose of rain as they hit the stores today. kron 4's mike pelton shows us how they fared. >> you still have to get your shopping done. >> reporter: what turned out to be a gloamimorning. a columbia-morning, with orange construction zen'-- cones... even being blown across the parking lot. >> flooding may be bad now. but almost 30 years ago cars were almost fully submerged when marin county got hit with heavy rain. this is old kron 4 video of severe flooding in san rafael from january 19-82. cars weren't going anywhere in that water. and highway traffic funneled down to one lane. that almost biblical
8:32 pm
proportions. >> we are looking at some breaks with the dry weather. the stormtracker 4. notice terrace no libut still some between san jose and gilroy on the maps, and no green -- >> the capitol expressway, on highway 82. still, some showers to the south near the junction but things are wrapping up for the most part. we still have a flood warning in effect for the east bay and palo alto with flooding conditions near 1 0 1. things are beginning to improve. and the creek levels are finally starting to drop it should stop in the next few hours. that is good news and a break for
8:33 pm
tomorrow. this live look at the san mateo bridge not falling for tonight would partly cloudy skies. showers wrapping up tomorrow. record of some patchy dense fog and even in the north bay. scattered showers and a mostly sunny day for monday. we will have a break but there is already a another system on tuesday, christmas day. the high temperatures will be in the low mid-50s. more when it weather for the sierras tonight with a winter storm warning in effect pushing through. or this evening. right now, tire chain laws on the highway no. 80, highway no. 50 at your christmas day forecast, coming upa navy seal commander was. >> found dead in afghanistan and the military says it looks like a suicide. commander jobe price, was one of the navy's most senior seal officers. price was a member of virginia based seal team 4 and was part of the mission to train afghan local police to keep away the taliban in remote parts of afghanistan.
8:34 pm
military personnel found the 42-year-old after he didn't show up when he was expected. a source says there is no indication that commander price was involved in any military-related investigations or controversies. the navy is investigating. >> jailed former penn state football coach jerry sandusky is maintaining his innocence. serving a sentence of 30 to 60 years in prison after being convicted of sexually abusing 10 boys. in a note to a pennsylvania newspaper. sandusky said he is quote "trying to learn from. the struggle and circumstances" as he focuses on an appeal of his conviction on child sex abuse charges. sandusky also wrote quote "nobody who covered the case and reported it has the time or took the time to study the allegations. justice and fairness were not a focus." sandusky then denied a request for an interview following the advice of his attorneys. >> f-b-i agents are still searching for a bank robber who escaped a prison in
8:35 pm
chicago on a rope of bed sheets, after a second escapee was caught. joseph jose banks and kenneth conley climbed out the window of their cell early tuesday morning, and scaled down the wall. more than five days later, conley is still on the loose. but banks was caught late has the story >> they cut it federal marshals, a handcuffed and shackled joseph jose banks answered the judge's questions quietly and politely, with a respectful "sir" and "your honor" punctuating his answers. >> jose banks is not a violent person. he's been characterized that way. i think that is a mischaracterization of jose banks. it was late last night at an apartment in the 23-hundred block of north bosworth that a swarm of fbi agents took thinking the man was long was living downstairs. how the 37-year-old escapee was discovered and where he's been since tuesday, the fbi isn't saying. but a law enforcement source says agents had been staking out banks' relatives and associates, in the hopes he >> they cut it to where they said would be the minimum, allow me to say, standards that we could operate a verythe federal bureau of prisons. which runs the chicago prison. says it is hawaii is honoring native son daniel inouye. the 88-year-old former senator died of respiratory
8:36 pm
complications last monday. he represented hawaii in congress since becoming a state in 1959. becoming the first japanese-american elected to both houses of congress. he was the second-longest serving senator in us history. inouye received the medal of honor for his heroism in world war two. president barack obama and several other dignitaries >> firefighters had to battle an early morning fire at a commercial building in china. smoke could be seen pouring out of the building which is used for apartments as well as a hotel. authorities say everyone escaped the building except for a security guard. who conditions are currently >> thousands of people rallied in india. angry over a recent gang rape and beating of a young woman. as well as how the government handles rape cases. for the second straight day riot police used water cannons on the crowds that gathered in new delhi. the water sent some protesters running but others refused to move. authorities insist that they're taking action to protect women. >> egypt's leading opposition party says that it is planning to appeal the results of the country's recent constitutional election. claiming that the results are not legitimate. ian lee has more on the story. >> this nationals of patient
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wrote of the opposition has filed to challenge is the first looks at of voting irregularities. this took place possibly on the two days of voting and also the constitutional referendum itself. it is illegal because it does not provide guidelines previously set out. the opposition has a third looking towards the future with the parliamentary election. which is set to take place. previously, we've seen the opposition fracture for these types of elections but at this point they want to of a more unified front. they can get the most of the people in the parliaments of they're able to change the constitution is their mission. the challenges and political results are expected later but the big number is 68%. that is the number that did not vote in this process. there were on a willing, on able is going to be crucial for the
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opposition adds the muslim brotherhood islamists to target that 68 percent. ian lee cnn, cairo gabe slate tech report with a couple of clips, you can order a canvas reproduction. it is a great gift idea coming up.
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oil reginald but not a bad get. you can order it from your phone. >> as christmas eve approaches and santa prepares to make adults all over the world can track his progress on but that's not the only place people can go to see santa's whereabouts as karin >> it's a christmas eve tradition. the north american aerospace defense command - or norad - has been tracking santa's trek since 1955, when a store avertisement misprinted a phone number for a private line to santa and norad's predecessor got the calls instead. as technology has evolved so has the way kids keep tabs on mister claus. first phone calls, then the web. >> it looks like it's going to be another successful journey thanks to norad. >> reporter: now there's norad santa tracker apps for iphone, android and windows phone users, and sleigh watchers can also keep up on bing maps or on twitter, at norad santa. norad had been tracking santa with google earth since 2004, but this year
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the two entities went separate ways. norad's teamed with microsoft, and google has set up a tool of their own. google's santa tracker has been highlighting north pole preps in the lead-up to christmas. and in his spare time, santa's been making phone calls to good girls and boys, and sending messages via his google plus page. on the big night, kids of all ages can watch santa hop from continent to continent with google maps and google earth. those out doing last-minute shopping can follow along with their smartphone app for android. i'm karin caifa reporting. >> coming up, your full sports, with the forty- niners, jason applebaum. >> the rainfall finally try to subside. with sunny conditions possibly for tomorrow morning. however, there is another storm on
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the way your full forecast coming up. .
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>> corta madera images with downed trees in some areas, strong wind and even flooding in palo alto, highway 1 0 1 and the napa river. however, conditions are improving. the stormtracker 4, the rain has ended in most spots. that is going to be the taste for at least 24-a 36 hours. that will be the-case-. light rainfall and residual showers in nature for the southern portions of san jose. for the rest of the
8:47 pm
bay area, dry for now and partial clearing. for the napa river, a flood stage at st. helena, 16 ft.. right now, the correct ripple level is at 15.9 ft.. it is beginning to subside the correct ripple level-is 15.90. napa, is also improving the flood is at 15 but it was forecast to go above flood stage. but that is not going to happen. this live look at the bay bridge and this camera lens was covered with drops but now, just rainfall on the pavement with partial clearing overnight and even fought for the morning. christmas morning. some -- fog expected for tomorrow
8:48 pm
possibly the christmas afternoon but notice, some dry weather. the futurecast is showing mostly clear skies east and we could see the increasing clouds as we go to the day on christmas. as we go for the afternoon of the rain band will continue to enter the bay area. look for rainfall on christmas day. and for the evening hours. your kron 4 7 day around the bay there rainfall on tuesday with the labor and showers on wednesday a bit of a dry out on thursday >> it is that time of year. the you tube yours one
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however, has 1 billion abuse. >> this year it is gongham style topping the use of the year is the most watched a video of all time in only six months. this year, it crossed his true with 1 billion total abuse. >> other videos was the death the flying supersonic free-fall by baumgartner. aland this parody of. ar presidential politics of matt from me and barack obama. and also, this hu mitt romney-and it is culturally defined in moments of 2012. nasa, mars rover, and the "
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calling may be " and of course,call me maybe and ... there are several new movies. the hot lead, and unexpected charity and it earned a $37 million. tonight. coming up, we'll see howthe bay area's favorite way spectacular fireworks. will all be on kron 4's newit is hosted by catherine heenan and gary radnich. kron 4's - new year's live. starts at 11-30 on new years eve. +
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>> hello, everyonea big letdown for the 49ers in seattle tonight.and now must get help to clinch that first round playoff bye a big blow to their chances tonight with justin smith out with the injured elbow - snapping his his amazing streak of 185 straight starts with one game left the green bay leapfrogged the niners for that number two playoff spot the packers peaking at the right time.and boy did they make it look easy today against a pretty bad titans team another ugly raiders loss today in carolina and now it's two straight games without scoring a
8:54 pm
touchdown. how good has rookie andrew luck been for the colts? last year indianapolis was they clinched a playoff spot and luck broke a few records in the process adrian peterson peterson was held in check today in houston. peterson had 25 carries but for just 86 yards in the vikings 23-6 win over the texans that means he will need a monster day -208 yards to be exact - in next sunday's finale against green bay to break eric dickerson's single season rushing record of 2,105 yards a vikings win in that game and they would also clinch a playoff spot pete carroll cosmonautgoes nuts however, take a look with the fumble and this player was off the field with a kneecap injury. 8 for great catc baldwin, a single
8:55 pm
but a bit of a disappointment kaepernick where it had a bit of a difficult day they are no one half-game of on the seattle. arizona, san francisco has the chance to clinch the division. when one game left, the green bay packers are leapfrogging the 49ers. for the no. 2 playoff spot. the packers speaking at their right time and board to take a look easy today against a pretty bad titans team. they would get the first round after the packers, the niners are battling for that spot.
8:56 pm
>> another of the raiders lost today in carolina. newton, for the touchdown, carolina and this is going to make you wince. however, polymer would be hit in the ribs and knocked out of the gain. the x-rays were negative. they've thought that they could be to roll prior however, the game got a bit more difficult as the raiders go. newton tried to kick kelly while he was down. flags, and both teams are hot nobody ejected. and lighter was bad he has also begun for is a tire career, 16- this interception. for a -- in kaira career. they will be talking to on the huge radar to borrow on the radio
8:57 pm
to malraux, and is to entire recovery year. notice, he is reliving his heisman they are 4-eleven, callinclosing of e season. and how good has interlock and for the colts? andrew blo -- andrew blog luck and that record that meant reggie is a rooke record former a nick swisher has struck it rich in cleveland after four years with the option for a fifth season that could bring the value after four years with the
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years, $56 million dollar option for a fifth season that could bring the value to $70 million ...
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